Outdoor Arena

We have a fantastic space of 45m x 25m and thanks to its sand and rubber surface is usable all year round. The arena is floodlit so makes for a great place to practice any time of day. The surface and its size make it a great place for any discapline


Indoor Arena

Our indoor arena is covered with a Martin Colins sand surface. It has a nice light and airy feel and at 15m x 35m it makes for the perfect space to get out of the wet or wintery weather. 


Round pen

Our 50ft round pen is surfaced with sand and rubber which makes a great space to practice groundwork.

Play Ground

We have an 8 acre play field available throughout the spring and summer months. The field is filled with jumps, obstacles, round pens, a riding paddock, a bridge and plenty of space to move, its great for inspiration and a nice area to get out and about in.



We have 2 stable barns. The first being an American style wooden barn holding 12 stables, each stable has a great open feel with front grills and a window to the outside at the back. The second a large high celinged barn covered in Yorkshire boarding which makes it extremely well ventillated while still keeping out the elements. In this barn we have 15 open topped stables which makes for a sociable spacious feel which the horses just love.


Turn Out

We know that every person and horse is individual so we offer a range of options here. Whether you'd prefer individual turnout or turnout within a herd, strip grazing, tracking systems or restricted grazing we will try to accommodate whatever meets your needs.

Coleman Savvy Centre

Rignall Farm is also home to Sean and Liz Coleman 3* Parelli Instructors. At their facility on the farm they regularly hold lessons, clinics, workshops, playdays and social events. For more information please take a look at their website www.colemansavvycentre.co.uk


Other Facilities

We understand the importance of safety when it comes to our beautiful four legged friends so in addition to living on site we also have 24 hour CCTV in operation.

We have ample parking and space for lorry/trailer storage. We have a range of different instructors, equine practitioners, equine nutritionalists and other professionals who regularly visit our yard so if you are looking for any services you are sure to find someone to meet your needs or alternatively you can bring your own practitioners along and add to the list.

We have a locked tack room, a spacious feed room and a hay/straw store so there is plenty of room to keep everything you and your horse need.